• Vintage Aqua 3 in 1 Scrunchie

Vintage Aqua 3 in 1 Scrunchie

Spring is almost here and with it come all the flowers and sunshine we've been missing all winter long. This year's selection of styles and patterns include florals, stripes, vintage, and specialty collection velvets, eyelets and tulle.

These scrunchies look amazing on your hair bun as well as your wrist.

You can wear these as:

1. Bow Scrunchie (two different styles)

2. Scrunchie without the bow.

3. Hair Scarf

4. Purse Scarf

Each one of these bows/headbands is sewn, pressed, and tied by me with a lot of love and care. All of the bows/headbands are ready to ship within 24hrs since the moment the order was placed.


- Approx 3" x 3"

- Bow 5" x 7"



  • $8.50
  • $12.00