Kids Face Masks

Kids Face Mask
New Masks added weekly. Stay tuned on Instagram or check back here.

All our orders will ship within 24hrs since the order was placed.
 All our masks have a nose wire for better molding around the nose.
Mask Care Instructions:
Store used cloth on a dry place before washing
Wash by hand or use washer on a gentle & cold cycle (hand preferred, Do Not Wash with a filter installed)
Air dry flat
Iron or steam Iron for sterilization

Best practices:
Always wash your hands prior to the use of the mask.
Recommend changing after 4-6 hours of continuous use
Never use for longer than 8 hours continuously.
Insert the included filter through the bottom opening for added protection. (recommend replenishing with Interfacing, pig mat or coffee filter)
If elastic loops are too loose, you can twist them over the ears in an X pattern for a better fit.
If elastic loops are too tight, the soft fabric can be easily stretched for a relaxed fit.