Belle- Fearless, Brave, Curious, Smart, Stylish, Adventurous, Kind- These are a few of Belle’s characteristics.   We started this Princess Series with Belle because she is what we want our girls to be.

Kind but Fearless, Smart but Curious, Brave to take on all life’s Adventures. 

Take advantage of the time we have with them and let's capture these moments that will last forever together.

Each one of these bows is sewn, pressed and tied by me with a lot of love and care. All of the bows are ready to ship within 24hrs since the moment the order was placed.


Maxi - approximately 4" Tall x 5" Wide  at $8.50

Midi - approximately 3" Tall x 4" Wide at $7

School Girl - approximately 1.5" by 3" Wide at $5

All orders over $20 ship for free to the U.S. and Canada.

Note: We do not glue the clip to the bow, so you can use it on either the left or right side. Therefore, please DO NOT leave the children unattended with the alligator clips.

If you would like the clip glued, when adding the bows to the Cart, please let us know in the Notes box, which side you would prefer.

  • $8.50