We blinked and it's Thanksgiving season. Yes, Thanksgiving is a SEASON not a single day of celebration.
For our family, Thanksgiving is a season of Giving Thanks, being Grateful, having Gratitude, and be Satisfied with the things that we have and the things that we have accomplished the year before. A season of gatherings, parties, and festivities galore- and we have just the right things for you.
This collection means just that, THANKFULNESS, GRATITUDE, BLESSINGS, and its HEREEEE!!

Each one of these bows is sewn, pressed, and tied by me with a lot of love and care. All of the bows are ready to ship within 24hrs since the moment the order was placed.

If you would like another color variant for the nylon headband than the Default TAN, please let us know in the Cart Notes. Check out our Nylon Varian Chart under pictures (Black, Brown, Mocha or Tan)


Maxi - approximately 4" Tall x 5" Wide  at $8.50

Midi - approximately 3" Tall x 4" Wide at $7

School Girl - approximately 1.5" by 3" Wide at $5

Note: We do not glue the clip to the bow, so you can use it on either the left or right side. Therefore, please DO NOT leave the children unattended with the alligator clips.

If you would like the clip glued, when adding the bows to the Cart, please let us know in the Notes box, which side you would prefer.

  • $8.50

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Amazing Bows!!!