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Raising Breilee - Second chances!

Raising Breilee is about everyday challenges and how we overcome them. The heroes of this story are our two daughters Kaylee 5 and Brielle 1.5 (I don't do months, too much math to be honest)

What makes them special? Absolutely nothing, they are just like your kiddos that come by and pounce on you every time you get a chance to sit down. You know what I'm talking about, the moment you lay down on your back, and your tummy is wide open for your little explorer to go on a new adventure.

I'm here to remind you life's not pink! As a matter of fact, it's full of brown, green and red all over your walls and on your white sheets. 

Kaylee turned 5 this year and she started Kindergarten. We thought we knew how to raise a child by now, but when Brielle came around we realized she was completely different from her sister. Her character, her moods and her behaviors COMPLETE opposites. Our foolproof methods that worked on Kaylee, are failing on Brielle. 

The one common ground we found, in both girls, was when it came to their Early Development. You might ask what's this fancy talk of Early Child Development. Well, in other words, it boils down to dedicating precious time, of our ever increasing busy lives, to educate our kids. If you're still with us, well that's going to be the main topics of our conversations here. Kids drawing

Now more than ever, since Kaylee just started Kindergarten, we came to realize the importance of starting early and developing your child's mind. 

We're not here to preach down on you, quite the opposite. We're only two humans, with no prior academic experience on this subject, and we hope you can learn from our mistakes and triumphs. Our mission here at Breilee, is to encourage you to engage with your kids and help shape their beautiful minds for what's to come.

We came to the conclusion we could've done so much better with Kaylee...actually, who am I kidding? We Failed! We didn't sit down and read with her every night. We started practicing the alphabet very late and totally disregarded how important phonetic sounds were. We often relied on, and said, the daycare will do it, and later the Pre-School will do it. Truth is, no one cares about your child's education as much as you should.

On the bright side, we realized we screwed up, and at the beginning of 2018, we started working hard on fixing things with Kaylee in the little time we had left before Kindergarten. Even now that she's in Kindergarten we are still working with her every day and improving.

Our redemption lies with Brielle, when she was born, we got a second chance. We got a second chance to make things right and dedicate our time in shaping her beautiful mind.

For now, I'll leave you with this, if you have a children's book in your home, take a break from the daily marathon and read with your precious little one. Since we highly encourage reading, for a limited time, if you do not own a children's book, please contact us and we'll send you one for free to get started. 

In some of our future topics, we'll talk a little bit about coloring, tracing, phonetic sounds, reading and the importance that each one of these aspects has in getting your child ready.

In the meantime check out our Coloring and Tracing tab for a free Coloring and Tracing Adventure with Max the pup and Lulu the kitten.

 Coloring and Tracing


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