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Our Story

Breilee FamilyWelcome to Breilee, my name is Tany, wife to an incredible man and mommy to two energetic and sweet little girls, Kaylee and Brielle. Breilee was established back in 2017 when I finally build up the courage to post my creations on Etsy and attend crafts fairs.

Ever since Kaylee was born in 2013, I started creating handmade bows and crafts for my sweet little girl. Fast forward to 2015 we moved from Denver to Seattle and my husband got deployed with the military. A year after he came back, on April 2017, miss Brielle was born. Being on my maternity leave, I started creating once again. But this time was different, this time I started creating things for my little girls, and I started heavily focusing on little headbands and bows. Shortly after, with the support of my husband, I built the courage to start selling my creations.

My daughters are my inspiration and my models, I love that I can create handmade bows and headbands for them all the time. When I sit at my work desk and start creating, I want to create a bow that will be classic, and timeless. A bow that moms and their little-loved ones will love and enjoy wearing. A bow that is soft on the baby’s head and won’t leave any marks or will make the baby want to take it off after 2 minutes of wearing it.

Breilee has always been a family business. From day one my husband has been a blessing to me, supported and encouraged me to create and perfect the handmade bows. Now he is more involved, he takes care of the site and helps me fulfill orders. The little loves are my inspiration and joy as we work together on this business.

Thank you for visiting us and supporting our small family business. Know that I am thankful for each and every one of you.