• Unique Gift Guide for 2 to 8 year old girls

    Disclaimer: I do not benefit in any way from the shops or any links featured here, and this is definitely not a sponsored post. They are just my collection of thoughts, which hopefully can help you this Christmas season.Christmas- The Most Magical time of the year, or so they say. There is an exc... View Post
  • All things Gingham

    Ever since I started this bow shop in 2017, I have wanted to make Gingham bows. Finally, I've found enough fabric to bring to you this Gingham collection. Unfortunately, quantities are very limited, if you spot something you like, don't hesitate. View Post
  • Raising Breilee is about everyday challenges and how we overcome them. The heroes of this story are our two daughters Kaylee 5 and Brielle 1.5 (I don't do months, too much math to be honest) What makes them special? Absolutely nothing, they are just like your kiddos that come by and pounce on you... View Post

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